Photo – Pixabay / Robin Higgins

The importance of the pot in bonsai presentation

Claude Savard

Many people overlook the importance of choosing the right pot for their bonsai. Often, they opt for an aesthetically pleasing pot, but without asking the crucial question…
Will this pot enhance my bonsai?

It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of this question, as it plays a vital role in the visual balance of the bonsai. When we take photos of our bonsai, we often forget to include the pot, or show only the first few centimetres of the top of the pot…

Image – Pixabay

Let’s take a concrete example: imagine you had bought a magnificent painting. Would you be willing to see only part of it? Certainly not! The same applies to bonsai trees. Pay particular attention to the pots in which they are placed.

The pot should be an integral part of the bonsai, like a frame on a canvas. It not only fulfils a technical function by housing the root system, but also helps to highlight the tree’s characteristics.

Bonsai is a harmonious whole. The Japanese have truly perfected this art, staging all the elements of a presentation with the sole aim of enhancing the tree on display.
Remember: a bonsai tree should evoke the image of a mature tree, and the choice of pot should help create this image.

Here, the picture highlights only the tree itself. However, it’s difficult to judge the specific criterion the bonsai artist has sought to emphasize, as well as the proportions of the composition as a whole.

In the picture, the too-small pot accentuates the suffering of the tree, which seems to be wearing clothes that are too tight. This image depicts a situation of suffocation and oppression, underlining the urgent need to give the tree the space it needs to flourish and thrive.

In this picture, it’s just the opposite: the pot is disproportionately large, the tree gets lost and the whole thing lacks harmony.

The following photo illustrates a remarkable harmony between the hues of the pot and those of the tree trunks. The colors blend with striking elegance, creating a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Through these examples, you can clearly see the importance of choosing the right pot for your tree, a consideration not to be overlooked.
Here are some basic criteria to consider when looking for the ideal pot for your tree:

1- Is it coniferous or deciduous?
2- Is it masculine or feminine?
3- What aspect do you want to emphasize?

– Trunk color or texture.
– Foliage in summer or autumn.
– Flowers or fruit.
– Jins or dead wood.
– And much more.

These criteria will help you choose the perfect pot for your bonsai tree
It’s essential to examine the overall appearance of the tree and find the image you want to emphasize, amplifying it with the choice of pot.