About me !

Welcome to my website dedicated to handmade pottery for bonsai trees! I am happy to welcome you and to share with you my passion for the art of bonsai and my know-how in creating pots for these miniature trees.

For over 30 years, I have been an avid bonsai enthusiast and have practiced the art with passion. At the beginning of my training, I learned by myself, because there were few resources available at the time. I had to persevere in spite of my failures, but this experience allowed me to become stronger and more determined.

It was only in 1980 that Quebecers discovered bonsai during the Floralies internationales de Montréal. It is at this time that I started to be briefly interested in this art. Several years later, I joined the Société de bonsaï et penjing de Montréal and the Groupe Bonsaï Québec. These affiliations allowed me to participate in conferences and quality workshops with great bonsai specialists such as David Easterbrook, Eric Auger, Brian Donnelly, François Calovie and many others

My passion for art in general has also led me to explore other mediums such as drawing, painting, photography and visual art in general. These experiences have helped me to understand the proportions in a composition and to develop my unique style of bonsai pottery

I create my bonsai pottery in my small workshop of 2 meters by 2 meters 50, using only artisanal techniques. I do not use any molds, preferring to turn, shape and sculpt each pot by hand. This way I can guarantee that each pot is unique, rather than mass-producing pots with different colors.

For my creations, I use stoneware clay, a clay that offers excellent resistance to shocks and temperature variations. After being fired at over 1200°C, the clay and glaze are vitrified, making them resistant to freezing even in the coldest temperatures in Quebec. The result is a quality pot that can withstand the harshest conditions while being aesthetically pleasing.

My bonsai pots are the result of traditional handcrafted techniques, combined with meticulous attention to materials and details. Each pot is unique, strong and durable, and can be used to showcase the finest bonsai trees.

If you are looking for a pot to showcase your bonsai, you are at the right place! I invite you to discover my unique creations and try them for yourself. I am always looking for new information to improve my creations and I hope you will find my site interesting and informative.

In summary, I am both a bonsaiist who knows pottery and a potter who knows bonsai.

Claude Savard

We talk about one of my pots in this video by Nigel Saunders.

Thanks to Jay Bonsaï and Nigel Saunders.

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